Administration, Compliance Testing
& Government Reporting

It’s not enough to have a good plan in place. Compliance matters. Hembree TPA does everything needed to ensure every retirement plan we administer operates smoothly and efficiently while meeting all federal requirements and deadlines. 

Our menu of services includes the following:

Our menu of services includes the following:


Present plan proposals that offer effective benefits to participants while optimizing tax-deferral opportunities for plan sponsors 

Draft the retirement plan and trust in accordance with an approved plan design

Provide a Summary Plan Description (SPD) for plan participants
Prepare signature-ready forms

Plan Administration Services

Prepare employer valuation reports

Prepare participant statements of vested account balances or accrued benefits

Process in-service, hardship, and severance of employment plan distributions

Calculate and process required minimum distributions (RMD)

Prepare participant loan documentation

Prepare IRS Forms 1099-R and 945

Manage and prepare necessary forms and reporting for plan terminations

Annual Compliance Testing & Reporting

Complete nondiscrimination testing 

Complete limit testing

Complete minimum coverage and top-heavy testing

Complete tax deductibility and funding testing

Prepare Form 5500 and related schedules

Prepare Summary Annual Report (SAR)

We know that tax-favored plans require accurate records, written plan documents, and government compliance reports. Anything less means lost time and money.

How can Hembree TPA help you?

When we put your retirement plan puzzle together, everything fits.